Energy drinks are a well-established but still a relatively new product category. The composition and labelling of energy drinks is regulated via a regulatory framework both at European and national levels. This framework has been developed over several decades and is comprehensive, covering labelling, formulation, and safety.

There is ongoing public discussion in relation to the consumption and marketing of several food and beverages, including energy drinks. We do recognize these discussions and are committed to playing a positive and constructive role, by adopting responsible marketing practices and promoting our products and their appropriate consumption in a responsible way.

Therefore EDE has established a clear and simple set of principles for a Code of Practice, which goes beyond legal requirements, which has become an industry standard for energy drink manufacturers. This Code of Practice establishes best practice in relation to product composition, marketing and promotion of energy drinks.

All our members have committed themselves to comply with this Code. Any company that wants to become a member of EDE needs to make a commitment to comply with this Code before being accepted by EDE.

EDE’s Code of Practice provides a clear set of principles in relation to the composition, marketing and promotion of energy drinks:

  • It confirms the safety of energy drinks and their ingredients
  • It defines clear principles for the labelling of energy drinks
  • It defines clear principles for the marketing of energy drinks
  • It defines clear principles regarding energy drinks and alcohol

Please have a look at the details of EDE’s Code of Practice which you find here.