EDE Statement: UK Age Ban Proposals

Andreas Kadi, Secretary General of Energy Drinks Europe commented on today’s announcement:

“A sales ban on energy drinks is arbitrary, discriminatory and not supported by evidence. The United Kingdom’s Committee on Toxicity and the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee have both confirmed that there is no scientific justification for an age restriction on energy drink sales.

A 250 ml can of energy drink typically contains 80 milligrams of caffeine, about the same as a cup of coffee, and the same amount of sugar as in the same-sized apple juice, orange juice or conventional soft drink. For all ages, there are much greater contributors of caffeine and sugar in the UK diet than energy drinks.

A better approach is to work with governments to ensure that effective policies are based on evidence, instead of myth and conjecture.

Evidence based solutions to dietary challenges would include portion control of all food and beverage products.”

Andreas Kadi, Secretary General of Energy Drinks Europe

EDE Statement – Age Ban Announcement